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New Member: Miller’s Genuine Draft

Miller’s blog has perhaps one of the catchiest names I have ever come across – and it is apt! Besides the wit, what you can enjoy most about this blog is, well, the genuineness of Miller’s drafts.

In a media world ridden with lies, and a blogosphere overwhelmed by all sorts of content, it is hard to come across good and truthful content. Here at Liberty Web Alliance, we help with that. Miller’s blog not only has a wealth of information but incredibly detailed analysis that is hard to find in many places.

But you’ll get to know that as your read his blog.

So let me tell you about Miller. I had the opportunity to work with Miller this summer. He worked with my organization through IHS – so as for credentials he’s got the backing of one of the premiere liberty-friendly organizations in the nation.

I can tell you all the good stuff about him – that he’s humble and honest and so on… but that’s just half the story. So, let’s get to the interesting stuff.

Miller drives one of the lousiest cars in the world (I think he’ll agree). I once invited him and other friends over for drinks and as his car ambled up my driveway I noticed he had the largest collection of the most vociferous liberty bumper stickers I had ever seen. He advertised everything from the Ron Paul Revolution to Rothbard to Radicals for Rand (yes, I made that last one up).

Now you know this guy is serious about his passion and will let you know – GENUINELY!


Liberty Web Alliance welcomes Miller’s Genuine Draft as our 14th member!


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