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Ron Paul NBC Poll – Deceptively Skewed Bar Chart

LWA doesn’t really get much into politics but we thought this should be brought to light.

NBC placed a CSS max-width limit on a bar chart that dramatically skewed how the results should actually be visualized.

This was either poor attention to detail by the web development team at NBC or it is just yet another in a long line of deceit and lies the MSM has perpetrated on Ron Paul.

While LWA members have differing views on supporting politicians at any point no matter how principled, this is outrageous.

Ron Paul is by far the most principled and liberty-oriented candidate. He has done more to spread the ideas of Liberty in the past two decades than anyone. It is naive to think that getting any man into office is going to solve the economic and political woes of the country.  However, we applaud Paul for being such a bold champion for the cause of Liberty.ron-paul-nbc-poll

The reality is… they are trying (and failing) to so desperately hide is that he has gained support and is electable.

The poll (if still live) is here on NBC.

(Inspired by this article on the Daily Paul) (get Firebug for Firefox)


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