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Community Guidelines

Liberty Web Alliance encourages free speech and will not censor our member sites.
The opinions expressed by the member sites’ authors are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Liberty Web Alliance.

We will not tolerate the following from our members:

  • Encouraging violence

We abide by the non-aggression axiom and expect our member organizations to do likewise. A peaceful society depends on it.

LWA is a hosting and tech support provider that supports the promotion of the ideas of Liberty. We review all of our member sites and their basic beliefs prior to acceptance into LWA. We DO NOT necessarily condone every idea, belief, or political philosophy represented or expressed on member sites nor do we monitor posts and content. If you have any objection to the content on any of our member sites, you will need to address it with the owner of the member site directly. We are not responsible or culpable for the actions or expressions of our members.