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Support CopBlock Activism! New Storefront, Easy Donations

Liberty Web Alliance has been hard at work. We just went live with a brand spanking new store for our favorite Police accountability and activist group, CopBlock.

This lets people easily get some great CopBlock branded gear and donate to support these hardworking guys and gals. Choose from a bunch of options to donate and get…

Support CopBlock

Police abuse, brutality, and corruption are at an all-time high. The CopBlock network has risen to the need for the Police to be put into the truth-telling lens of the camera and kept accountable.

In addition to CopBlock’s main site… there are now decentralized regional chapters springing up: Ohio, Massachusetts, Virginia, Pittsburgh, and while under the CopWatch name, Orlando.

We affirm their message that…

Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights!




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