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WordPress Management & Support

Getting a site going can be challenging and confusing.

Liberty Web Alliance helps with the technical details to provide a convenient and complete web package. These are just a handful of the ways we assist to get your site operating smoothly:

Installation & Server Management
  • WordPress installation on our own secure dedicated hosting servers
  • Configuring domain names
  • FTP, database, email, and other server setup
  • Pre-configured administrator interface for intuitive management
  • Software and plugins updated with the latest versions
  • Sites are automatically backed up to Amazon S3 keeping you safe from failures and hacking

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you to fend for yourself with only the basics installed! ¬†We have a diverse team of collaborators ready to help bring your Liberty web concept to the next level.

Configuration, Customization, and Maintenance:wordpress
  • Premium WordPress themes
  • Layout and design editing
  • Plugin and widget customization
  • Web and print design assistance
  • Multimedia (videos, music, images, etc)
  • Social Media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, RSS, etc)
  • Internet Marketing and ad campaign strategies

We help you learn how to successfully manage your site, but are always just a click away for assistance.


Providing ongoing web support, connecting expertise with needs, and building a community of digitally-equipped activists is how we aid in spreading the message of Liberty and the freedom philosophy.