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Why the Liberty Movement Should be Encouraged

This is a great time to be an advocate of Liberty.

Our ideas are being vindicated.

The state is being revealed to be the fraud and drunken bully that it is. Statists have no viable solutions, they have no answers as to why the economy flounders and worsens. They try one thing and then another, but they are all statist solutions that only beget more problems.

But… the libertarians, market-anarchists, voluntaryists, know why they fail. We have logic, reason, empirical data, history, the present… all on our side!

Not only do we know why the economy sinks deeper and our freedoms are stripped but more importantly and positively, we see the potential for human freedom being expanded, people learning to live in peace and harmony, individuals from their own creativity creating value and wealth…it is these beneficial byproducts of the ideas of liberty that motivate us to shape a better world for those who follow.

Be encouraged, now is an ideal time to persuade people away from the evil of statism. The deleterious effects of the state are felt severely as the thorn they are.  The blessings of liberty are a banner of hope.

Out of chaos comes opportunity.

Please support the organizations working hard to spread these ideals that uphold our humanity. Also please consider helping us out, we have very high hosting costs that we absorb for our 20+ member sites.

Time, talent, money, they all help power us.

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